Elizabeth Vitale Design

"Skyscraper Bathed In Light"
"San Diego"
"Beauty Below the Surface"
"Ancient Tuscan Fresco"
"Crescent Moon Rise"
"A Hard Mix"
"Like Peas In A Pod"
"Linear Composition"
"Enchanted Landscape with a Pink Garden"
"March's Bloom"
"Fear or Desire"
"into the Deep"
"Across The Universe"
"Intertwining Vines"
"Infinity Quilt"
"Letting Go"
"Digital Inspiration"
"A Little Gem"
"Crop Lines"
"Perky and Pretty"
"An Inverted Surprise"
"Spires From Afar"
"Twigs on Linen"
"Roman Courtyard"
"Spring Again"
"Indigo Blues"
"A Little Bit of Orange with that Blue"
"Leaves that are Green"
"Gray Areas"
"Netting Together"
"Connected Twigs"
Textile and Mixed Media
Textile Design and Mixed Media Paintings